Event Note

We hereby invite representatives of the media to cover the GfH-Meeting 2019, which will be held in Weimarhalle in Weimar from 6th-8th March, 2019.

The aim of the Meeting is to foster the participation of and dialogue between various stakeholders of human genetics area, including young scientists and researchers, industry representatives, GfH members, self-aid groups and others.

The keynote speaker will be the neurophysiologist Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian Pape from Münster. He will hold a presentation with the topic "Emotion oder Gefühl: Furcht und Angst im Spiegel der Hirnforschung".

Another highlight of this meetings is GfH-Awards which offers young investigators an opprtunity to win 1 Presentation Award 2018 and 3 Poster Awards 2018 for excellent research presentations.


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