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2017 | 16.–18. Juni, Dubrovnik

The 36th Anthropology and Health Conference 2017
Anthropology in the Service of Global Health


Dear colleague,

It is our great pleasure to announce that the 36th Anthropology and Health Conference 2017: Anthropology in the Service of Global Health will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 16-18, 2017.

Global health today faces many new challenges. These demand global solutions, but at the same time keeping anthropological perspective on global health focusing on local contexts where human growth and development happen under specific circumstances within certain (sub)populations, and where health and illness are recognized and responded to in many different ways throughout the world. Contemporary migrations without any doubt represent an increasingly important and emerging global public health and anthropological issue. Dealing with complex diseases like metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes and hypertension often includes multidrug use, thus increased risk of polypragmasia and the necessity of individualized, pharmacogenomic approach, both person- and population-wise. Such approach enables more cost-effective and as early as possible disease prevention that may start even before a person is born.

We are happy to announce that there is no registration fee!

You can register for the conference and submit your abstract via following link:

The deadline is April 30th 2017.

We have managed to ensure affordable accommodation options in Dubrovnik. Special rates are available for participants of the conference, but the availability is limited. Please contact as soon as possible for more information and reservations.

The Conference will precede the 10th ISABS Conference on Forensic and Anthropologic Genetics and Mayo Clinic Lectures in Individualized Medicine, which will be held June 19-24, 2017 in hotel Palace Dubrovnik. More information about the ISABS Conference can be found at:

A list of all the Anthropology and Health conferences is available here


Saša Missoni, PhD
ISABS Scientific Committee
Anthropology and Global Health Section, Chair
Director of the Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb, Croatia

For all further information, please feel free to contact: 

Ana Klopotan
Professional Associate
Institute for Anthropological Research
Ljudevita Gaja 32, 10 000 Zagreb (Croatia)

tel +385(0)15535147

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