GfH2017_Bochum28th Annual Meeting
of the German Society of Humangenetics
together with Austrian Society of Humangenetics (ÖGH)
and the Swiss Society of Medical Genetics (SGMG)

29th - 31st March 2017
Bochum, Germany

Hotel Accommodation

Please book your accommodation via or or for those who seek greater convenience Bochum Marketing offers more information on their hotel booking portal.

In the course of taking part in our meeting please take into account that the hotel contingent in Bochum is limited due to other conferences in Bochum and neighboring cities at the same time. Therefore please book as soon as possible!

Looking for the right place to stay is easy in Bochum. There are so many hotels of all categories.

The Bochum-marketing will help you.


Please come and enjoy your stay in Bochum.




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